Throughout the year, WRCAC offers workshops, one-day and multi-day trainings to build the skills of multi-disciplinary team professionals responding to child abuse in the western region. WRCAC’s trainings are facilitated by experts on the specific training topics from throughout the US. WRCAC covers all facilitator expenses and offers its training free of charge to participants.  For regional trainings, WRCAC provides limited travel support (typically free lodging for participants).

Regional Training

WRCAC launched its first Regional Training, Team Facilitator Training, in December 2017 for twenty facilitators of their local multi-disciplinary team.  Starting in 2018, WRCAC hosts at least one Regional Training per quarter.  WRCAC Regional Trainings are multi-day, in-person trainings hosted in San Diego, (and on occasion at other locations in the west). Topics are selected based on several considerations as follows:

  • The topic has been identified by state chapter representatives and local MDT professionals as a high priority need.
  • The training curriculum is standardized and relevant to all participants from states throughout the western region.
  • The training is complex in design (and oftentimes too costly to offer locally), e.g., the training requires multiple facilitators or partners agencies, or multiple modes of delivery.

If you would like to suggest a topic for consideration as a Regional Training, please email

Local Training

WRCAC offers customized training and technical assistance at the local and state level to support the growth and development of MDTs and CACs.  In 2017, WRCAC hosted 22 workshops and in-person trainings reaching 493 professionals on the following topics:

  • Advanced Forensic Interview Training
  • Building and Reinvigorating Trauma-Informed Multi-Disciplinary Teams
  • Building Resiliency in Child Abuse Organizations
  • Building Trauma-Informed CJCs and MDTs
  • Child Forensic Interviewer Training
  • Developmental Considerations in Forensic Interviewing
  • How to Talk to Kids About Abuse
  • The MDT: Working Together for Children and Families
  • Reinvigorating and Sustaining MDTs
  • Sustainability: Achieving Your Legacy
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


If you would like to inquire about customized support for your community, please email