Task Sharing

What is Task Sharing?

  • Task Sharing is the distribution of select tasks that are typically delivered by a licensed mental health provider to a provider with less training and credentials in ways that expands the reach and depth of the services delivered by the licensed clinicians.
  • This allows more clients to be effectively served with a limited number of licensed professionals.
  • The licensed professional can focus on the tasks that require licensure (e.g. assessment, therapy, etc.) and utilize a paraprofessional partner for other tasks, such as case management and advocacy.
  • Many CACs and mental health providers are already using task sharing:
    • Paraprofessionals
    • CAC Advocates
    • Behavioral Health aides
    • Case aides

Hybrid model combining Telemental Health (TMH) and Task Sharing

One approach combines both telemental health and task sharing.  In this model, in-person support is provided to the TMH client in their local community by a trained paraprofessional. This support may include assistance with intake forms and answering questions about the videoconferencing system, as well as providing case management services and referrals to providers and service agencies in the surrounding communities. The local paraprofessional also supports the clinician by providing education about the community and its culture, as well as assisting with follow-up when there are retention or referral concerns.