Western Regional CAC Director Tool Kit

Case Tracking
Case Tracking is the process of collecting data on each case that comes through the CAC.  Case tracking systems can be simple or elaborate, but the main functions are to have accurate data about the services provided by the CAC and to enable MDT members to track the status of a case.
The NCA Standard for Accreditation states that Children’s Advocacy Centers must develop and implement a system for monitoring case progress and tracking case outcomes from all MDT components.
At a minimum, CACs must track:
  • demographic information about the child and family
  • demographic information about the alleged offender
  • type(s) of abuse
  • relationship of the alleged offender to the child
  • MDT involvement and outcomes
  • charges filed and case disposition in criminal court
  • child protection outcomes, and
  • status/outcome of medical and mental health referrals


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