Western Regional CAC Director Tool Kit

Organizational Capacity
This standard speaks to the ability of the organization sponsoring the CAC to meet the professional and organizational standards for operation of a CAC and to have the capacity to sustain and continue to develop the center and its team.
The NCA Standard for Accreditation states that a designated entity responsible for the program and fiscal operations has been established and implements basic sound administrative policies and procedures.
Athough much of the information contained in this section applies to nonprofit organizations, any CAC director can benefit from better understanding how to manage an organization.
There are four basic models of CAC organizations:
  • Hospital-based (located in, or sponsored by, a hospital)
  • Public (Prosecutor’s Offices, Law Enforcement Organizations, Children’s Services, etc.)
  • Private non-profit (stand alone non-profit agencies where the CAC is the primary program)
  • Umbrella agencies (large, mulit-purpose organizations where the CAC is a program of the larger agency.


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