About NCA Accreditation

NCA Accreditation is the process through which State Chapters and Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) successfully meet the minimum required standards set forth by the National Children’s Alliance (NCA).  These standards ensure that all children across the U.S. who are served by CACs receive consistent, evidence-based interventions that help them heal [1].

If you are a center within the Western Region and are in need of accreditation assistance, please contact your State Chapter for more information.  You may also contact WRCAC for additional documents and support.

WRCAC and Accreditation

WRCAC supports the NCA goal of 100% accredited coverage in each state and ensuring that every child has access to coordinated, quality services.  Below is an overview of levels of membership through the National Children’s Alliance.

NCA Membership Types

For more information about the accreditation process and membership benefits, please click here to visit the NCA Website.

  • Accredited Membership: available to CACs that meet each of the ten Standards for Accreditation.
  • Associate/Developing Center Membership: available to CACs that are working toward, but have not yet achieved, implementation of all Standards for Accreditation.
  • Affiliate Membership: available to multidisciplinary teams that are working to improve services for abused children through a collaborative approach to intervention.
  • Satellite Membership: available to child-friendly facilities offering onsite forensic interviews and victim advocacy services under the sponsorship and oversight of an NCA Accredited Child Advocacy Center.
  • State Chapters: Chapter organizations are member organizations comprised of CACs within a given state. Chapters serve as the leading resource within the state for CACs and facilitate a network dedicated to a coordinated and comprehensive response to child abuse.

[1] National Children’s Alliance (2016, p.6). Standards for Accredited Members. 2017 edition. Washington, DC: Author

Western Region at a Glance

  • 13 accredited state chapters
  • 116 accredited CACs
  • 12 associate/developing CACS
  • 16 affiliated CACs
  • 12 CAC satellite locations


Preparing for NCA Accreditation may seem daunting.  However, if you start early (at least 12 months ahead of time) and see the process of a way of making sure your policies and procedures match your practices, and those match the NCA standards, it can be a great way to review the progress your center has made and engage team members in striving to match the practice standards. 

Contact your Regional CAC and NCA Program Associate for more assistance in completing your accreditation or re-accreditation application.