Western Regional CAC Director Tool Kit

Satellite Technical Assistance Manual
 Satellite Technical Assistance Manual
The purpose of this manual is to assist you in developing a satellite CAC and applying for Satellite Membership with NCA.  The manual draws on a number of resources, both contained in this document and online, to assist you in that task.  Technical assistance is also available through your local state Chapter and your Regional CAC.
You can find the application for Satellite Membership on the NCA Website or through this link: Satellite Membership Application
This project was a collaboration between NCA and the Regional CACs.
Special thanks to the members of the Satellite Committee: 
  • Clairice Hetzler, Advocacy Network
  • Irina Hein, National Children’s Alliance
  • Janet Fine, National Children’s Alliance Board of Directors
  • Lynn Rioth, Western Regional CAC 
  • Maureen Fitzgerald, Western Regional CAC
  • Michele Miller, Butte Child Evaluation Center
  • Pam Karalunas, Alaska Children’s Alliance