Western Regional CAC Director Tool Kit

Satellite Membership Application Attachments

Application Attachments

The application for Satellite Accreditation includes a table of attachments. See links and downloads, below, for examples. The required attachments include:

Attachment 1 – Child Focused Setting/Facility
Photos of all work and interview spaces.
Policies and procedures for separation of victims and offenders.

Attachment 2.1  Forensic Interviewing Policies and Procedures
Policies and procedures related to forensic interviews including:
  • criteria for choosing an appropriately trained interviewer;
  • who will attend and observe the interview;
  • use of interview aids, if any;
  • use of interpreters;
  • communication between the MDT and the interviewer;
  • recording and/or documentation of the interview, and interview process/methodology.
Attachment 2.2 Proof of Meeting the Forensic Interviewer Training Standards
Documentation of satisfactory completion of competency-based child abuse forensic interview training that includes child development OR
  • Documentation of 40 hours of nationally or state recognized forensic interview training that includes child development.
Attachment 2.3  documentation of opportunities for forensic interviewers to participate in ongoing training and peer review, including:
  • Ongoing education in the field of child maltreatment and/or forensic interviewing consisting of a minimum of 3 hours per every 2 years of CEU/CME credits.
  • Participation in a formal peer review process.

Attachment 3  Victim Advocacy
Victim advocacy/support/case management policies and procedures including the availability of victim support and advocacy services for all CAC clients.

Attachment 4  Medical Services
If medical services are provided onsite at the Satellite location, provide policies and procedures related to medical service provision.

If medical services are provided off-site, provide a copy of signed linkage agreements.

Attachment 5  Mental Health Services
If mental health services are provided onsite at the Satellite location, provide policies and procedures related to medical service provision.

If mental health services are provided off-site, provide a copy of your signed linkage agreement.

Attachment 6  Organizational Chart
Provide an organizational chart sowing staff specifically assigned to the Satellite location.  Show the relationship between the Satellite center and the Host CAC (for example, lines of supervision).

Attachment  9  Needs Assessment
Attach documents and data demonstrating the community need for establishing a center and the community support for it, such as needs assessment, feasibility surveys, community letters of support, etc.

Attachment 10  Partner Agency MOUs
Attach copies of MOUs or Interagency Agreements with partner agency representatives from the Satellite service area.

 Attachment 12 Host CAC Strategic and Sustainability Plan
Attach a copy of the Host CAC’s most recent strategic plan, including information on the plan for organizational and financial sustainability for the Host CAC and the Satellite center.
 Attachment 14.1  Letter of Support from the State Chapter organization.
Attach a letter of support from the state’s Chapter that includes assurances that the Satellite does not duplicate the service coverage of any existing Accredited or Associate/Developing CAC.

Description of the technical assistance that the Chapter provided to the Host CAC during the planning process.

Other Attachments
You may include other attachments in addition to those required as Attachment 15 of your application.  If additional attachments are included, please provide a list and describe each one, labeling them Attachment 15, Attachment 15.1, Attachment 15.2, etc.  Make sure the documents are attached in the order listed.Formatting Tip:
Make sure that each attachment is labeled and attached in the order listed.  Name this file “C. Application Attachments Table of Contents Page, (insert your state abbreviation), (insert your city)” and save as a doc.file.

Example:  C. Application Attachments Table of Contents Page, WA, Olympia.


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