Western Regional CAC Director Tool Kit

Getting Started

Use this checklist to start the process of preparing your application.


Check List

Carefully review the Satellite Membership Eligibility Requirements and Application process listed below before preceding.

Review your strategic plan or other planning documents.  Is development or continuation of a Satellite Center included in your plan?
Are all necessary stakeholders aware and supportive of the Satellite Center?
Talk with your Chapter coordinator to determine if the Satellite Center is consistent with the Chapter’s approved Growth and Development Plan and does not duplicate services in the area where it is located.
Request a letter of support from your Chapter Coordinator.
Review formatting tips for preparing your narrative response.

Contact your NCA Program Associate to discuss your application. NCA main number: 202/548-0090202/548-0090

Program Associate – Midwest Region, Extension: 110     cacprograms-midwest@nca-online.org

Program Associate – Northeast Region, Extension: 117   cacprograms-northeast@nca.online.org

Program Associate – Southern Region, Extension: 107   cacprograms-southern@nca-online.org

Program Associate – Western Region Extension: 108     cacprograms-western@nca-online.org


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Satellite Membership Requirements
Satellite Membership Application