Mental Health Peer Discussion Groups for CAC Leadership

Mental Health Peer Discussion Groups for CAC Leadership

Start Date:
TBA – New cohorts will launch in Spring 2021.


The Mental Health Peer Discussion Groups are facilitated peer-group discussions held twice per month to help CAC Directors navigate the challenges of meeting the mental health needs of the children and families served at their CAC, and improve their ability to supervise mental health clinicians providing services. The discussion groups are based on the premise that many CAC directors have not worked as direct service providers or have a mental health background, and that many CACs have a small (or no) mental health team without a clinical supervisor position or rely on linkage agreements with a community-based mental health agency.

Targeted Audience

CAC Executive Directors. The discussion groups are geared, in particular, to ED who are not clinically trained and/or serve rural and frontier communities.

Each cohort is limited to a maximum of 10-12 Executive Directors


Al Killen-Harvey, LCSW, Lead Trainer, Chadwick Center for Children and Families

Learning ObjectivesĀ 
  1. To increase knowledge of trauma-informed clinical care in a CAC/CJC
  2. To differentiate between a clinical screening, clinical assessment, and clinical treatment plan
  3. To provide peer support for CAC/CJC administrators who are working in remote locations
  4. To identify additional resources that CAC/CJC administrators may utilize to support trauma-informed clinical care


New cohorts will launch in Spring 2021.

Each cohort includes a series of 4 one hour sessions.

How to Apply

Applications will open in Spring 2021.


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