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Welcome to the Telemental Health Resource Center

The WRCAC Telemental Health Resource Center is designed to provide information and access to current resources regarding telemental health, with an emphasis on the unique needs of CACs and their clients and staff. Resources range from guides for setting up or enhancing a telemental health program, to legal and regulatory information, and everything in between, including practical clinical applications, technology basics, and funding options to help build or update a telemental health program.  Information can be accessed using the navigator bar on the left side of the page.

COVID-19 Telemental Health Resources

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many CACs and clinicians are transitioning to telemental health to maintain essential services. Vital information and resources for CACs considering telemental health options during COVID-19 are available on our COVID-19 Telemental Health Resources page.

NEW! Resources for Building Telemental Health Networks

Telemental Health Network Readiness and Planning Guide for Chapters 

Released: January 2024

There are many things to consider in deciding whether to proceed with planning a TMH network for CACs in your state. This guide starts with sharing the benefits of Chapters establishing statewide TMH networks and briefly reviews why Chapters may not want to proceed. The guide then includes a series of checklists and questions centered around areas that are important to consider at the beginning stages of establishing a statewide TMH network.

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Telemental Health Network Implementation Resource Toolkit

Released: January 2024

This toolkit provides an overview of helpful CAC-focused resources to assist Chapters and CACs in implementing TMH programs. The toolkit includes resources and sample documents related to program development, recruitment, assessment, safety planning, and virtual delivery of evidence based treatments. This document is informed by work done on WRCAC’s Telemental Health Resource Center as well as support from Chapters and states doing TMH work.

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WRCAC Telemental Health Issue Briefs

Recruiting, Hiring, Supervising, and Retaining Remote Therapists for Rural Children's Advocacy Centers

September 2022

This issue brief explores strategies to recruit and retain qualified mental health professionals who will work remotely to serve CAC clients via telemental health. Areas addressed include interviewing and selecting a candidate the CAC may never have met in person, remote onboarding, issues in supervision, and helping remote clinicians manage secondary traumatic stress.

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Task Sharing in a Children’s Advocacy Center: The Role of Victim Advocates in Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Children & Families

December 2021

This issue brief examines task sharing in the CAC context and promotes the active collaboration between the CAC victim advocate and the child’s therapist as a task sharing team, especially in rural areas where the therapist may provide services remotely through telemental health.

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Expanding In-Person Mental Health Services Within a Children’s Advocacy Center as the Pandemic Recedes

June 2021

This issue brief carefully examines how to navigate the myriad of issues affecting decision-making regarding the return to more in-person treatment and recommends items for CACs to consider when providing in-person mental health care as part of their service continuum.

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Moving to Telemental Health in a Child Advocacy Center Environment

April 2020

There are many advantages to developing the capacity to deliver trauma-focused telemental health (TMH) services to children’s advocacy center (CAC) clients. As CACs make the transition to TMH services, there are many things to consider. This issue brief offers answers to commonly asked questions.

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