WRCAC Telemental Health Resource Center


Exploring the Business Case for Children’s Telebehavioral Health (Gale & Lambert, 2015) This brief looks at reimbursement and business issues that come with developing a telebehavioral health program by providing case examples to analyze. 

Telebehavioral Health: Clinical Applications, Benefits, Technology Needs, and Setup (Saeed, 2015) This article reviews the clinical benefits and applications of telebehavioral health as well as how to set up a TBH service, the technology involved in usage and reimbursement overviews.

Covering and Reimbursing Telehealth Services (Blackman, 2016) This short brief sponsored by the National Conference of State Legislatures goes over reimbursement options from a federal and state level for telehealth services. 

A Guide to Maximizing Telepsychiatry Reimbursement  This white paper by Regroup discusses how providers delivering telepsychiatry services will be reimbursed, the eligibility requirements, a payer-by-payer guide and how to set up a reimbursement program.