WRCAC Telemental Health Resource Center

Internet Access

While internet access is widespread in the United States, there are still areas of the country that do not have reliable high speed internet access to conduct video conference calls.  Below are several resources to help examine internet coverage in your area, as well as how to test the speed of your own connection.

FCC Connect2Health: Mapping Broadband Health in America 2017 This interactive mapping platform allows users to visually analyze and overlay broadband and health data on the county, state and national levels. This mapping system can allow users to see a path of connection for a healthier country. 

Federal Communications Commission: Fixed Broadband Deployment This map allows users to see if they have fixed broadband at their location. Telemental health program developers can use this map as a tool in placement of a telehealth facility. 

FCC: Residential Fixed Internet Access Service Connections per 1000 Households by Census Tract This map allows users to see which households have internet access connection sites in household which would be useful for telemental health programs that plan on delivering services to the clients home. 

SpeedTest This website allows user to test the speed of their internet with a simple click. Telemental health providers can check their internet connection before sessions and send it to clients before engaging in internet based services.